Summarizing The Information

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A student is bombarded with many social changes that affect success in school the transition from elementary school where children are primarily in one class with the same classmates and teacher to middle school where students are rotating classes teachers and classmates is a difficult transition for some students the relationship with their teachers isn’t as strong due to the fact that they have multiple subjects this makes it difficult for students to get the attention they need research has indicated that success in middle school is a strong indicator for success in high school so this is the body and this is just one reason and one of our school dropout academic performance and then various reasons given for the drop in academic performances the full-text is available on this link please look at it this is the reference for the full-text.

A good use of markers signal words and linking words you are already very much familiar with these things we have been doing a lot of practice with linking words for example when you introduce something you use a word like nowadays these days when you describe consequences you say as a consequence as a result resultantly consequently therefore does you also know when we give more information than you say furthermore or moreover or in addition etcetera and of course in conclusion you say so in finally to summarize and in conclusion so these are the standard words that you use you are already familiar with these words make good use of this in the previous message that we have just seen on high school dropouts see how well linking words are connected or woven into the body of the text I would like you to identify at least 10 linking words from the paragraphs or the passage that we have just seen now let me show you another sample please look at the slide this is called.

Again we are going to pay attention to some linkers and this is a descriptive type of passage of course full passage or full essay is not given here I have just given one section one part of the essays on CCTV so CCTV and I have please notice I have highlighted all the linkers please take a look CCTV is a visual surveillance technology designed for monitoring a variety of environments and activities all at the same time CCTV systems typically involve a dedicated communications link between cameras in the field and monitors at one or more control centers systems can be made up of technically mature analog cameras and image storage devices or newly developed digital cameras and image storage devices or a mix of the two technologies CCTV systems may provide real-time time-lapse event or digitally recorded surveillance information to help in detecting responding to investigating and providing evidence for security safety and related incidents a CCTV system may also be used to prevent security breaches by allowing security personnel to monitor access control systems add in entry points to secure areas.