Too Late To Apologize Boyfriend/Girlfriend

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When people believe that it is too late to apologize, they actually think that they do not have a second chance.

However, too late to apologize means to never solve the problem a mistake has caused. People with this type of mentality will build up more and more unsolved issues as they go through life because there will always be offensive and non considerate people (who never apologize).

So the best solution is to always accept an apology, and if a mistake is committed, to always apologize. From the moment a person commits a mistake and on, it will always be present unless action is taken to say sorry.

The sooner we apologize, the better. But the reality is that it is never too “late to apologize” and the only situation were it is impossible to do so, is when the other person has passed away.

One of the main reason why it is good to say sorry as soon as possible is because you never know when you will see that person again. We are all destined to death and sooner or later, this is a moment that can come suddenly into any one’s life. The results could be that we are left with guilt.

Another reason why apologizing right away is crucial in a relationship is because time increases resentment. People don’t just forget about things right away. As time passes by, they could actually think that whatever was done to them was intentional.

As mentioned on previous post, all of our experiences in life form part of us consciously or subconsciously,  so even if they “forgot” about it, it is still present some were in their memories as an offense that was never resolved.

Many people who don’t apologize is because of their own pride, shyness, or because of the feeling of rejection or humiliation. For those who have such problems, it is even difficult to say sorry by writing a letter of apology.

That is why it is always good to look at the situation from all perspectives. If a person does not apologize, it could be because one of the reasons mentioned above, however it does not mean that they don’t want to apologize, but they are not capable to.

The mentality of “too late to apologize” means it is always too late to fix a problem, and since problems will always exist, it means that we will always have problems that will never be resolved.

Even if a person hurts you today, and says sorry 50 years from now, the best choice is to accept and forgive. This is because is better to have the rest of your life in peace with this person, than the rest of eternity full of resentment.