How to Get a Girl to Like You in Middle School

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Young love can be fun, exciting and even a bit confusing. It can be a little scary when you are trying to tell the girl of your dreams that you like her. You’ve been catching yourself staring in her direction, admiring her pretty hair and listening to her laugh when she talks to her friends. But you can’t seem to wonder… Will she like me? And how to to get her to like me if I am in middle school? Let’s talk about that questions in this article, which was prepared by an australian assignment writing service.

First, get to know her:

Girls can be hard to understand. It’s also hard to understand the type of boys that a girl likes. Some like the cute and athletic type. Others like the mysterious rocker guys. Then there are the shy ones, nerdy ones, jokers, bad boys and the players. A good way to find out what kind of guy that your dream girl is into, is to talk to her friends. One thing that you should always keep in mind, is to stay true to yourself, and never be someone who you aren’t. If you find yourself pretending to be someone that isn’t you, then the girl may end up not liking you at all.

When you talk to your crush’s friends, find out about what types of activities that she likes. Does she like to go bike riding? Is she an animal lover? What are her hobbies? Once you find out what types of activities she likes to do, you can invite her to do something with you. You can ask her to go on a bike ride to the park, or to a nearby petting zoo. If you take interest in the things that she likes to do, she might start looking in your direction more often too.

Next, get attention:

If you are trying to get a girl’s attention in middle school, practice good hygiene. Girls don’t like the boys who sit in the corner and stink. They also don’t like sweat and dirty hands. Girls often find these characteristics appalling and disgusting. Be sure that you wash and comb your hair nicely every day, brush your teeth and wear clean clothes. There is nothing more distracting that wrinkly dirty clothes that stink along with smelly breath. This will definitely turn any girl away.

Start being friends with her:

Also, you might try being friends with that special girl that you like. Offer to sit next to her at lunch one day. Start out talking slow. Begin with something about lunch or what they are serving. Then ask her about class or what her favorite subject is in. If you really want to get a conversation going, tell her about a subject that you are having trouble in. See if she will help you understand it better. Ask her if she could come over after school to help you and invite her over for a snack.

Careful on what you say:

If you like a girl, never make fun and laugh at her. This is the worst thing that you can do to any kid. If you find someone who is making fun of her or if she seems uncomfortable, rescue her by telling the other person to back off or say something good about her. This will make your dream girl have more respect for you. When there is a day that you think that she looks really pretty, tell her so. If other girls are telling her that they do not like her outfit, jump in and tell them that “you don’t care if they do not like her outfit, because you think it looks nice. Young girls like to be complimented and told that they look pretty.

Continue a close relationship:

While you find that you like this girl a lot, remember not to be too clingy. You don’t want to seem desperate. Allow her to spend time with her friends. Talk to her a few different times throughout the week just to let her know that you want to be her friend. As she gets to know you, your friendship might turn into something more. It’s always best to take a new friendship slow. If another guy seems to be invading your game, remember to play it cool. No girl wants a guy who seems desperate or over-protective. Just be yourself and remember to always be nice to her. Once a friendship has bloomed among the two of you, you can begin to let your dream girl know that you like her. If you have been nice to her and have stayed true to yourself, you can find out if she likes you too.


Don’t ever be too scared to approach girls. They can be just as nervous as you. And if for some reason she doesn’t like you in the same way, at least you have made a great friend in the process. Although, if it does turn out, and she wants to be your girlfriend, you can begin to have fun doing all of the things that you enjoy doing together. Always stay true to yourself, no matter what the situation-because she picked you for who you are.