Collecting Research Sources

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One of my questions that I always find interesting and is still relevant and I think about every time I go to the grocery store is this idea of is factory farming harmful you know should we embrace more organic farming or sure more people become vegetarians those are all kind of sub questions of is factory for harmful and if you do have time and are interested in you should go to the meatrix comm and watch the video because it’s really funny and cute and informative and interesting and all kinds of good stuff but I’m not going to do it here because I did want to move on to just talking about the process of the annotated bibliography. Learn how to collect sources for your paper at Robotdon.

So once you have an approved research question you start collecting sources and I’ll have a video on how to find sources in the library databases you want to evaluate sources as you go so in the library databases that’s not such a big deal those sources are already vetted for you the librarians and the people that create those databases make sure that they’re credible and reliable but if you’re on Google and you’re using internet sources that’s definitely something to be on the lookout for is saying dude can I tell who the author is can I tell do I know anything about the publication are there posting dates on here so I know when this was submitted are there has this person research is there a works cited page or a bibliography or something keep track of your sources I know this seems easy to do maybe it doesn’t seem easy to do but for me sometimes it does and I think oh I’m not going to need that source I read I read it and I think it’s not going to be what I want.

And so I closed that browser window or I lose it and then later on I feel like oh where where was that statistic about you know how many animals died per year you know because of pollution or whatever it is and I’m like where did I read that I know I read that somewhere and I’m googling and I’m trying to refine that source and and it gets lost so if you think you have a useful source there are different ways to keep track of them you can email links to yourself I’ve done that before you can bookmark them I’ve taken the emailing links because my bookmarks page is like so full that sometimes the get lost when I bookmark them you can start a file where you copy and paste the documents you know the articles themselves all into a Word document you know just ctrl a ctrl c ctrl b so that you know you have at all somewhere whatever works for you I would say just find a method of tracking and please use it and then as you begin to collect and read your sources.